029: Critical Care Neuroanatomy SMACC Gold Talk

Back in March 2014 I had the pleasure of speaking at SMACC Gold in Australia. The whole thing was great fun and I’m sure you’re all aware it’s going to Chicago in May 2015 so be sure to be there. Indeed Registration opens tonight (in the UK at least) so check it out!!!

Every talk from the conference is coming out via the SMACC podcast so make sure you subscribe.

As my talk is so predominantly visual, it really needs the slides for it to make sense so I’ve included the slideset here and put the audio over the slides so you can get the feel of the talk.

For people interested in learning some more detailed neuroanatomy I’d strongly recommend headneckbrainspine.com

They’ve done what I’ve always wanted to do and have created scrolling, labelled radiology images that wonderfully demonstrate the anatomy in 3 dimensions. Really invaluable stuff.

Here’s a list of previous neuro related podcasts I’ve done:

And if you’re interested in working where I work as an ultrasound or education fellow then get in touch.

3 thoughts on “029: Critical Care Neuroanatomy SMACC Gold Talk

  1. Hi Andy, enjoyed all your videos. They are simple, entertaining and effective. Are you planning on creating a video on cranial nerve anatomy/pathology? Or could you send me links to existing videos? I will be taking my USMLE Step 1 in a few weeks and I just wanted to refresh. Thanks. Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Andy. This is excellent – I remember catching the end of it last year…

    The amount of content in 25 mins is imprssive

    What program do you use for your slides ? – it’s very slick

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