027: Basic Anatomy of Abdomen and Pelvic Trauma

This is the second part of a recent lecture I gave to some first year med students to get across how important their anatomy is to understanding trauma.

First part lives here

You may have to click through to the GMEP site to see the full HD version

PDF of slides




026: Basic Anatomy of Chest Trauma

This is a screencast of a recent lecture I gave to some first year med students. It’s mainly to give the students some clinical info to keep their regular anatomy teaching relevant. It’s not designed to be a comprehensive intro to trauma in any way.

It’s longer than the usual podcasts so I’ve split into two parts.

Feedback, is as always, welcome.

PDF of slides. 

025: PK SMACC talk

This one’s a little bit different. You’ve all heard of SMACC I’m sure. If not which rock where you hiding under?

It’s the the most exciting conference happening this year. All the your favourited FOAMites in one place giving it dixie on all things EM and Critical Care. There is still time to get booked in for it.

I, alas, will be holding fort on the Emerald Isle supporting the dog, wife and her ever enlarging bump and saving the spondoolies for next years SMACC (that’s happening lads isn’t it?)

They’ve put out the challenge for short, high impact teaching videos for the EM/CC community in the form of PK talks. Below is my offering. It’s a rehash of some old material but hope you like it.

024 – Shoulder: Nerve compressions

All show notes over at emergencymedicineireland.com

023 – Shoulder: Disclocations

All the show notes over at emergencymedicineireland.com

022 – Shoulder: AC and SC Joints

Continuing or walk through the shoulder joint

021 – Shoulder: subacromial space and labrum

More on our walk through the shoulder joint